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Get Involved With BIA-MA This Brain Injury Awareness Month


This March, which is Brain Injury Awareness Month, BIA-MA will be posting a lot of helpful, supportive and educational content on our Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and of course, blog. The content will focus on all areas of brain injury, including concussion and TBI, stroke and ABI, caregivers, survivors and support. We’ll be talking about alternative therapies that some survivors find especially helpful, such as hyperbaric oxygen therapy, music therapy and yoga, and other issues, such as caregiver fatigue, depression and stress. Whether you’re a survivor, caregiver, family member or professional, you’ll find helpful and intriguing content on all of our social media channels. Make sure you follow us on all of our social media channels to stay up-to-date on Brain Injury Awareness Month and see all of our posts.

Our blog will also feature some guest bloggers, including some from our very own organization, as well as survivors, caregivers and family members who will share their experiences, tips and advice. If you’re interested in guest blogging for the Brain Injury Association of Massachusetts or if you have content or ideas for the upcoming Brain Injury Awareness Month, we would love to talk to you! Please e-mail us at socialmedia@biama.org.

And don’t forget to participate in our #BrainInjuryAffects campaign! Whether you’re a brain injury survivor, caregiver, family member or professional, you have a story to share. Please help us increase awareness of brain injury this March and participate in our exciting social media and advocacy campaign by clicking here. It only takes a minute to make a difference!

Yoga & Brain Injury: Tips for Beginners

From art and painting to yoga and meditation, there are a number of alternative therapies brain injury survivors find helpful. Yoga has therapeutic benefits and it’s a great form of light exercise for those who may not want to hit the gym for weights or cardio. Many brain injury survivors find yoga is most of all, a great form of relaxation, which can be a wonderful way to start or end the day. Additionally, yoga can help you to increase your flexibility, strength, self-confidence and self-esteem. Thinking about starting yoga? Consider these tips first.

1. Talk to your doctor. Before starting any new kind of exercise regimen, you should always have a conversation with your doctor. Additionally, if you have specific needs, your doctor may be able to recommend a yoga instructor or program to you that could work with your hospital or other brain injury survivors.

2. Get the right gear. If you’ve been cleared by your doctor to start yoga, make sure you get the right gear. Yoga clothes, which don’t need to be by a specific brand – they can even be comfortable sweats, a yoga mat and water bottle are all necessities. Also, get a pair of yoga socks or go barefoot for yoga.

3. Take a beginner class. Start with the basics! Learn the basic moves and master those first, before moving on to anything intermediate. Your local yoga store, such as Lululemon which offers free classes on weekends, may offer classes right in the store!

4. If you’re concerned about anything, speak with your yoga instructor. Let him or her know your concerns and ask for feedback if needed.

5. Be open to it. Many people are fearful of looking “silly” or not knowing what they’re doing. Don’t worry about how you look and focus on the moves, breathing and enjoying this new activity. Remember,  anything new takes practice. The instructor is there to help you, too.

6. Don’t do anything you aren’t comfortable with. Poses range from the most basic to the challenging and extreme. Do what you’re ready for and don’t push yourself. Stay at your own pace.

7. Warm up before every session. Basic stretching for as little as 10 or 15 minutes will help warm up muscles.

8. If practicing yoga at home, make sure you do so in a quiet, clutter-free area where it’s easy for you to focus.

Looking to get into yoga or other alternative therapies, but don’t know where to start? Attend the 32nd Annual Brain Injury Conference on March 28th at the Best Western Royal Plaza Hotel in Marlborough, Mass. where there will be workshops on alternative therapies including yoga and art! Click here to register.