BIA-MA’s Mission

The Brain Injury Association of Massachusetts (BIA-MA) is a private non-profit 503(c)(3) organization that strives to create a better future for all those affected by brain injury. The purpose of the organization is to educate the public on the risk and impact of brain injury, promote programs to prevent those injuries, advocate for improved legislation, and to offer support and resources to persons with brain injuries and their families.

About the Organization

BIA-MA provides a statewide network of support for individuals with brain injuries, their family members, caregivers, healthcare professionals, and interested members of the community. With more than 50 support groups, affiliations with leading hospitals and rehabilitation centers, and an established reputation as an advocate in the State House, BIA-MA is proud to be the Massachusetts resource for brain injury.

Brain injury does not discriminate. Based on Center for Disease Control (CDC) data and other data sources, millions of adults and children sustain brain injuries in the U.S. each year. Anytime, anywhere, anyone is more than just a tagline. BIA-MA was incorporated in 1982 and is an affiliate of the Brain Injury Association of America.

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