November is National Caregivers Month!


The Brain Injury Association of Massachusetts (BIA-MA) is recognizing the month of November as National national caregiver month 2015  350 x 220Family Caregivers Awareness Month. More than 65 million people in the United States provide at-home care for a family member. Family caregivers assist with personal care, provide transportation, act as medical advocates, and offer emotional support for those who cannot live independently, and they do this while managing the demands of their personal lives, their jobs, and their families.

Do you know a caregiver? Do something to show your appreciation, support, and admiration:

  • Make dinner – or send a card – or call – that’s all
  • Donate your time – take over for a few hours so the caregiver can take some “me” time
  • Run an errand – or two – or three
  • Plan a project day to help with yard work, house work, or any other kind of work
  • Stop by for a movie night; bring the movie and some popcorn
  • The list is endless – bottom line; tell them you know how hard they are working!

Take a photo of your act of appreciation and send it to us – with your story – so we can spread the word about how awesome caregivers are!! Share it with us on Facebook or send to

Are you a caregiver? Send a photo of you and your loved one and tell us why you do what you do.

BIA-MA provides support groups and information resources for caregivers as well as educational workshops. If you or a loved one have questions or require support please visit or call 508-475-0032.

THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO!!  Family matters – and so do you!

Nicole Godaire
Executive Director

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