#BrainInjuryAffects – Sonali Durden, Brain Injury Survivor, Pittsfield, MA

nali for blog

Sonali has suffered from 3 brain injuries in her life; the first in 1979 when she was 8 years old.

In 1979 when Sonali was 8 years old, she was hit while crossing the street and dragged by the vehicle. She remembers being angry and uncooperative in rehabilitation. She struggled to walk and run. Her sense of taste and hearing were compromised. Sonali could no longer enjoy music, singing, and playing instruments as much as she used to.

Three times a week, Nali facilitates Sit, Knit and Stitch, a support group that she started for residents of the city housing project where she lives. “Living in a housing project can be pretty lonely and depressing,” says Nali. “I decided to find out what talents were out there and discovered there was a lot of interest in knitting and crocheting so I started a support group, and every week we continue to get new members.”

Nali is also a member of the Berkshire Brain Injury Support Group (BBISG) . “When I moved to Pittsfield and connected with BBSIG that all changed. I have opened up, met new friends and found group support. I enjoy knitting, going to dinner, and taking part in the social and recreational activities provided by BIA-MA.”


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