Our Favorite Pins for Brain Injury Survivors & Caregivers

Pinterest is one of our favorite social networks and if you haven’t already checked out our boards and followed us, you should. Our Pinterest page has 22 boards, including those dedicated to survivors and caregivers. Our favorite pins right now are shown below!

This quote is one of our favorites on Pinterest lately. Survivors often spend time post-injury trying to find their old “normal” or simply “be back to normal.” This quote inspires survivors and all of us to just be ourselves and appreciate where we’re at today, even if it’s not where we were before or where we want to be a year or two from now.

24 Helpful iPhone/Android Apps for brain injury survivors via Brainline.org

Caregiving is no easy feat and unfortunately, as this infographic shows, it can have a great impact on financial and emotional stability.

Brain Injury Caregiver – Cognitive Rehabilition – Memory Strategies

This article offers tips and strategies for helping the brain injury survivor in your life work on his or her memory.

This infographic features brain foods that will help you pay attention, concentrate better, remember and learn! How many of these are in your diet?

Looking for more information on brain injury? Visit www.biama.org & connect with us on Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest!


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