Fourth of July Safety Tips

Fourth of July is the unofficial start of summer, cookouts, family and fun. Many people host parties on this patriotic holiday – it’s the perfect time for a celebration! Before you start celebrating tomorrow, consider these safety tips to make sure you have a fun, safe day.

1. Leave the fireworks to the professionals. Fireworks are illegal in Massachusetts, however, each year there are a number of accidents and injuries which are related to fireworks. Obey the law, stay safe and leave them to the professionals. There are firework displays across the Commonwealth throughout the week. A full list of displays is available here.

2. Cover food and beverages outdoors and keep an eye on items that need to be refrigerated to prevent food-borne illness. The FDA advises people never leave food out for more than one hour when the temperature is above 90 degrees F and not more than two hours at other times. Keep coolers and ice around if you aren’t close to a refrigerator.

3. Keep children away from campfires, grills and any open flames.

4. Be safe swimming. Many people swim in pools, lakes and at beaches on the Fourth of July. Many of these locations will be extremely busy, so keep an close eye on children and the people in your group to ensure everyone is safe.

5. Drink responsibly. If you are going to drink on the Fourth, be safe and responsible. Do not mix drinking alcohol with swimming, campfires or other activities – it is extremely dangerous.

6. Make sure there are designated drivers. If you or any party guests plan to drink on the Fourth, plan ahead and figure out who will be designated drivers and who might want public transportation. Never drink and drive.

7. Wear sunblock and reapply throughout the day.

8. Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration.

For more prevention tips and information on the Brain Injury Association of Massachusetts, go to 

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