Prevent Brain Injury With Bicycle Safety Tips

When the warm weather comes upon us, it’s natural to want to get outside, enjoy the weather and get active! Bike riding is a favorite past time for those all over the country, but can be especially nice for those who live in quaint beach towns or close to biking trails. Whether you plan to ride in your neighborhood or while on vacation, safety should always be a top priority no matter where you ride. Consider these tips to help prevent brain injury before you head out for a bike ride.

1. Wear a helmet. Although helmets do not guarantee you won’t sustain a concussion or brain injury, it does help prevent your skull from cracking if you do have an accident. It can also save your life. According to a study in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, cyclists who died of a head injury were three times as likely not to be wearing  a helmet compared to those who died of other injuries.

2. Avoid rocky, challenging terrain. Steer clear of areas filled with rocks, potholes and other hazards when riding your bike. Instead, look for level ground to ride on.

3. Be cautious of traffic.  Avoid windy roads, areas with a lot of traffic and watch for cars around you. This article on provides a number of different situations you may find yourself in when riding near cars and how to avoid accidents.

4. Avoid talking on the phone or listening to music while riding your bike, especially when riding around traffic. If you’re listening to music and focused on something else, you won’t be listening for horns or other traffic noises which could prevent accidents and save your life.

5. Avoid riding at night, but if you do, use a light and wear reflective clothing. Be aware that drivers may not see you – reflective clothing will help them to notice you and be more cautious driving close to you.

6. Check to make sure your helmet fits properly. See below for tips.


For more information and tips on bike safety, watch the video from our webcast series below!


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