Information & Resources for Veterans

Like the rest of the country, today we’re honoring and remembering all of those who serve our country. Brain Injury Association of Massachusetts remembers those dedicated service men and women who have defended and protected the United States of America. We are grateful for the sacrifice that many of these individuals have made in the name of freedom. When veterans return from war, we are here for them, with information, resources, and an ear to listen. We serve you, because you’ve served so many.

The Brain Injury Association of Massachusetts is a place for veterans to find information and resources. Veterans services from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts include:

General Veterans Services

Vocational Services

Home Base Program: PTSD and TBI

The Massachusetts Statewide Head Injury Program (SHIP) is an agency within the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission responsible for providing community-based services for those who have sustained a traumatic brain injury (TBI).

Military personnel who have served in Iraq or Afghanistan (OIF/OEF), as well as past wards, may have sustained a TBI, secondary to their exposure to explosions (I.E.D., RPG’s, etc.), as well as other combat-related experiences. In some instances, both women and men have sustained a TBI in the context of military sexual trauma (MST) or polytrauma. The Statewide Head Injury Programs provide:

  • Resource and referral information and assistance for veterans and their families/significant others
  • Confidential screening for TBI
  • Assistance with completing the eligibility process for SHIP
  • Comprehensive Neuropsychological Evaluation, when indicated
  • Assistance with linkages to other programs/services available for veterans with TBI, including disability benefits (e.g., SSI/SSDI), Medicaid, legal counsel, as well as Veterans Administration- funded benefits.

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