Your Advice For Brain Injury Caregivers

caregiverwordleOur Facebook page is a place for conversation, information and of course, support. We love when everyone gets involved in the conversation and shares advice. Last week, we asked our Facebook fans to share their best advice that they would give to a caregiver or loved one of an individual with a brain injury and we got a lot of great responses. The best caregiver tips and advice we get are from those who have experience providing care to brain injury survivors and survivors themselves! Check out 10 tips for caregivers that our wonderful Facebook fans shared with us in their comments:

1. “Err on the side of caution after a concussion when considering return to school and return to play timelines.”

2. “Be patient with me please, and learn who I am while I relearn who you are.”

3. “Take it one day at a time.”

4. “Recognize that being better today does not mean being better tomorrow. Gains are not necessarily permanent. And even when someone does seem to be improving, don’t act as [if] everything is ‘all better’ because that can make the patient feel terrible when they need more help.”

5. “Don’t say ‘I do that all the time’ in reference to forgetting stuff. It’s not the same! It doesn’t make us feel better; just makes it worse.

6. “Don’t keep asking ‘Do you remember…?’ People would ask me that all the time in the first few years after my accident, and it truly made me feel stupid when I didn’t remember.”

7. “Provide patience, quiet time, understanding and love. The brain takes time to heal and cannot be rushed. Walk away if you feel upset or feel like yelling. Noise, like yelling, only causes the brain to shut down and the mind to go blank. We know we aren’t the same and are bewildered by this stranger who takes over and for that we are scared and sorry. Give us time and we will start coming back to you. Sometimes we come back better! It is a long and winding road for all.”

8. “Be sure to include the family when setting goals/creating a care plan.”

9. “Patience.”

10. “Breathe.”

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1 thought on “Your Advice For Brain Injury Caregivers

  1. Kit

    I don’t have Facebook and Twitter. Anyway, I would like to add some advice for the discussion.

    – Do not unload your burden by saying to him/her “Do you have any idea how much I do for you?” They probably know how much you do and feel guilty about it. It’s also possible that they do not understand.



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