BIA-MA’s Top Ways to Recognize Brain Injury Awareness Month


Today marks the start of March – Brain Injury Awareness Month. Did you know, every 18.5 seconds, someone in the U.S. has a brain injury? It’s expected that brain injury will become a global epidemic by 2020. It’s our mission to increase awareness all year, but especially during Brain Injury Awareness Month. In recognition of such an important month, we’ve decided to give you our picks for the top 10 ways to recognize it. Here are our favorites:

1. Participate in our #BrainInjuryAffects Campaign & share your story. It costs nothing and only takes a few minutes of your time. With so many brain injury survivors, caregivers, family members and professionals affected by brain injury, we all have a story to tell. Take a photo with our #BrainInjuryAffects sign and fill out the short story form to help us advocate for brain injury services survivors and their family members so desperately need!


2. Get your company to participate. Do you work at a hospital, doctors’ office, rehabilitation center or another company which services brain injury survivors in some way? Show your support by getting involved in the campaign. You can find the corporate kit here and don’t forget to e-mail us at to get some of these nifty stickers we’ll be wearing this month.

3. Write a guest blog for us. Do you like to write? Do you have a story to tell or advice to share? Volunteer to write a guest blog for us. Contact if you’re interested.

4. Donate. No matter what your gift, your dollars will go toward educating the general public about brain injury, continuing our prevention programs and support groups for brain injury survivors and their loved ones. Your gift will make the difference in the life of a survivor or perhaps someone you know and love. Make a gift here.

5. Attend our 32nd Annual Brain Injury Conference. With nearly 20 workshops on a number of topics, the conference offers attendees the chance to educate themselves on brain injury and a number of topics within the field. Whether you’re a brain injury survivor, family member, caregiver or professional, there’s something for you. Register here.

6. Follow us on our social media outlets. Stay up-to-date on everything brain injury and find information and support on our Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest and make sure to join the conversation. We want to hear from you!

7. Contact your legislator. Don’t know who that is? Find out here. Write a letter or give him or her a call and let your representative know that you support brain injury services. Use the script provided here.

8. Make an effort to be more cautious and work to prevent brain injuries. Wearing a seat belt, never drinking and driving or texting and driving, checking your medications before you get behind the wheel and always wearing a helmet are just some of the ways to prevent brain injury. Remember, brain injury does not discriminate. Brain injury can happen to anyone. Be part of the solution and help prevent brain injuries by always putting safety first.

Find out more about BIA-MA by going to our website.


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