Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for the Brain Injury Survivor in Your Life

Valentine’s Day is a time not only for couples, but also for those in our lives we care about. The winter can bring on depression and loneliness, especially for brain injury survivors, which makes Valentine’s Day a wonderful time to show the survivor in your life that you care. Consider these gift ideas to make the brain injury survivor in your life smile this Valentine’s Day.

1. Make a homemade valentine. Homemade valentines are easy to make and serve as perfect decorations, especially for survivors living in long-term care facilities or rehabilitation centers. Use lace doilies, construction paper or card stock, glitter and of course, a pretty pen to make a beautiful card. Don’t forget to write a heartfelt note inside!

2. Candy. Candy might seem cliche, but it’s always appreciated! A box of chocolates or candy hearts are great options and guaranteed to make your loved one smile. Just make sure there are no dietary restrictions before you buy him or her sweet treats.

3. Baked goods. Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to bake delicious treats like cupcakes, cookies and homemade chocolate. Make the survivor in your life something special right in your own kitchen.

4. Make up a basket. Baskets are always great options because you can fill them with items the person likes. Consider making up a basket full of coffee or teas, books for a bookworm or a movie basket for a film buff.

5. Make a coupon book. Coupon books are creative and a fun way to show you care. Make each coupon something different. For example, ‘Good for a lunch at (list favorite restaurant)’ or ‘Good for a trip to the movies.’ You can gear the coupon book towards the person in your life, which makes it a great option for whomever you want to give it to.

6. Send something special. Perhaps you work all day and your husband or wife is at home alone or maybe you don’t live with the person – send flowers, a teddy bear, balloons, fruit basket or chocolates on Valentine’s Day. Getting a surprise delivery will definitely boost your loved one’s spirits and it’s a sweet way to show you care this Valentine’s Day.

What are you doing for the survivor in your life this Valentine’s Day?


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