Raise Awareness of Brain Injury with BIA-MA’s Advocacy Campaign #BrainInjuryAffects


Every 18.5 seconds, someone in the U.S. suffers a brain injury. Have you suffered a brain injury or do you know someone who has? Whether you are a survivor of brain injury, family member, friend, healthcare provider, caregiver, neighbor or professional who works with the brain injury population, chances are you have been affected by brain injury in some way.

To raise awareness of the incidence and impact of brain injury in Massachusetts, BIA-MA has launched a unique social media and advocacy campaign called “#BrainInjuryAffects.” During Brain Injury Awareness Month in March, BIA-MA will feature stories and photos of those affected by brain injury through social media outlets, including Facebook and Twitter. The stories and photos will also be used to help BIA-MA advocate for increased funding for services survivors and their family members need.

So how do you participate?

1. Take a photo: If you’ve been affected by brain injury – you could be a survivor, mother, father, sister, cousin, coach, teacher, doctor, therapist, caregiver, etc. of someone with a brain injury – we are asking you to print a sign from www.biama.org/braininjuryaffects.html, write your relationship to brain injury in one word and take a photograph of yourself holding it. You can submit your photo electronically by attaching it to the form you can find on our website or Facebook page. You can also post it to our Facebook page or on Twitter using #BrainInjuryAffects in your tweet.

2. Fill out the form. We’d also like you to tell us how brain injury affects you using the form found on our website or Facebook page. The form, which consists of a few questions, asks how you’ve been affected by brain injury and what services you feel would improve brain injury survivors’ quality of life.

Stories (please print the form from our website) and photos can also be mailed to:

Marketing and Communications
Re: Brain Injury Affects
30 Lyman Street, Suite 10
Westborough, MA 01581

3. Call your legislator! Use the script on our website  found here.

Your input will aid in advocacy efforts to gain services and support for survivors of brain injury. If brain injury has affected you or someone you know, you can make a difference by getting involved in the campaign and telling your story today. Interact with the campaign on Twitter by using #BrainInjuryAffects and on Facebook by going to http://www.facebook.com/BrainInjuryMA. Thoughout January, February and Brain Injury Awareness Month, March, we will be sharing inspirational survivors’ stories and encouraging everyone to get involved in the campaign, so make a difference and get involved today! Have questions? E-mail socialmedia@biama.org or call BIA-MA at 508-475-0032.


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