Survivor Spotlight: Nancielee Holbrook


Today’s survivor spotlight is about Nancielee Holbrook, a traumatic brain injury survivor, whose brain injury changed her life. Now, over three years since her brain injury, Nancielee is focusing on the positive and helping other brain injury survivors. Read her story below.

“You lose everything you knew or had in a blink of the eye and awake to another person who has to relearn and get to know the new person you have awakened to.” – Nancielee Holbrook

In 2009, Nancielee Holbrook was going to dinner with a friend when they noticed a car was broken down on the side of the road and stopped to help.  A truck driving 60 mph hit their car from behind injuring both Nancielee and her friend, causing them to be life-flighted to the hospital. On that day, Nancielee suffered a traumatic brain injury and her life was forever changed.

“I lost the job of my life,” says Nancielee. “I was an officer at Mass Maritime Academy and just loved it but I couldn’t do it anymore.” In addition to having to give up her job, she also lost many of her friends following her brain injury.

“You get left behind, because your friends, they change,” says Nancielee.

Once an avid hockey player, Nancielee can no longer play the sport she loves. “That was such a big part of my identity and part of my world, so now I have to change that as well,” she says. 

Read the rest of Nancielee’s story here.



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