Help FRONTLINE and ESPN Keep Track of Concussions with Concussion Watch

American football

Lately, concussions and brain injuries have been frequent topics of conversation on talk shows and the news, as well as in athletic departments and locker rooms. While players suffer concussions in sports from soccer to volleyball, football has been one of the more publicized sports recently. Each week, football fans see at least one NFL player sidelined due to a concussion.

Concussion Watch, which was started by FRONTLINE and ESPN, is an effort to monitor how the NFL handles concussions and head injuries. FRONTLINE and ESPN track the players who are taken out of games because of concussions and head injuries – and those who are not – and monitor how long they are kept off the field. All of the information is taken from the NFL injury report and kept on a website which is available to the public. The project, which was started in 2012, will continue next season and end with a FRONTLINE documentary about the findings.

The data is displayed by week, so viewers are able to keep track of the number of players with concussions or head injuries during a specific period of time, as well as submit a tip to FRONTLINE and ESPN if they see a particularly big hit or potential concussion. During the week of Dec. 13 – Dec. 17, the last week with recorded data, there were 13 concussions reported. According to Concussion Watch, there have been 151 concussions this season.

Have you checked out Concussion Watch yet? How do you think it will affect how concussions are handled by the NFL and other leagues? Click here to see the data.


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