Protect the Charitable Giving Incentive – Contact Your Elected Officials

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As the “fiscal cliff” looms overhead, the general public – especially nonprofit organizations – has reason to be worried. If Washington cannot avert the “fiscal cliff,” nonprofit organizations will be greatly impacted. In order to protect charitable giving, the Massachusetts Nonprofit Network (MNN), the Independent Sector and over 937 organizations all over the U.S. are asking goverment officials to oppose proposals that may reduce or cap the tax value of charitable donations. If such a proposal were to pass, the effects on nonprofit organizations would be detrimental.

In order to protect the charitable giving incentive, BIA-MA is asking supporters to contact your elected officials, including Senator John Kerry, and encourage them to protect nonprofits from a cap on charitable deductions. Have you called your elected officials yet?

For more information on how the “fiscal cliff” will impact nonprofits and to find out how to get involved, check out Massachusetts Nonprofit Network’s bulletin.


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